Neptune Coffee

8415 Greenwood Ave N - Seattle, WA US (Inactive)

Event Date
1Sunday Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)08-02-2015
2Mid week @ Neptune Coffee06-10-2015
3Sunday Coffee @ Neptune!03-29-2015
4Sunday Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)03-08-2015
5Sunday afternoon coffee @ Neptune!12-14-2014
6Neptune Coffee in Greenwood on Sunday11-23-2014
7Neptune Coffee in Greenwood on Sunday09-28-2014
8Last minute coffee @ Neptune09-10-2014
9Friday afternoon coffee @ Neptune + CLUE AWW YISS09-05-2014
10Neptune Coffee in Greenwood on Sunday08-17-2014
11[Reschedule] Monday Coffee @ Neptune, yo!07-28-2014
12Happy Canada Day! Neptune and the Angry Beaver in Greenwood!07-01-2014
13Mid week coffee at Neptune + board games!06-10-2014
14A Neptune hangout featuring a USBC 2014 finalist!05-15-2014
15Art Walk in Greenwood/Phinney Ridge05-09-2014
16Sunday coffee at Neptune ~ Greenwood04-20-2014
17Sunday Coffee and Farewell Meetup at Neptune (GREENWOOD)03-02-2014
18Sunday Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)01-26-2014
19Sunday Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)01-05-2014
20Thursday Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)12-19-2013
21Sunday coffee at Neptune in Greenwood11-24-2013
22Panama Esmeralda Geisha - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)10-26-2013
23Sunday coffee at the Neptune in Greenwood09-29-2013
24Going Away Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)07-02-2013
25Home Coffee Roasting Demo - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)06-09-2013
26Sunday Morning Coffee - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)04-21-2013
27Birthday Lunch & Coffee! (GREENWOOD)03-18-2013
28Coffee Explorer - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)02-20-2013
29Home Coffee Roasting Demo - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)10-09-2011
30TNT Northwest - Thursday Night Throwdown at Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)09-22-2011
31Going Away Party - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)05-01-2010
32Return to Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)08-23-2009
33Hanging Out at Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)05-17-2009
34Monday Afternoon Cupping - Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)03-02-2009
35Hanging Out at Neptune Coffee (GREENWOOD)01-25-2009
36Coffee Klatsch: Neptune Coffee - Greenwood 06-15-2008