Pruf Cafe & Bar

1440 S. Jackson Street - Seattle, WA US (Active)

Event Date
1Coffee + Bon Odori Festival (Central District / ID)07-21-2019
2Pruf Cafe & Bar: Live Jazz Special Guests: LovePunk and Just Chatting04-27-2019
3Sunday Reggae Coffee at Pruf Cafe & Bar03-24-2019
4Saturday Coffee and Cocktails at Pruf Cafe & Bar (Central & ID district)12-15-2018
5Saturday afternoon at Pruf cafe & bar11-17-2018
6Sunday Coffee at Pruf Cafe & Bar10-07-2018
7Coffee + Bon Odori Festival (CENTRAL DISTRICT / ID)07-22-2018
8Sunday Coffee at Pruf Cafe & Bar06-10-2018
9Sunday at Pruf Cafe & Bar (Central & ID district) 04-29-2018
10Sunday at Pruf Cafe & Bar (Central & ID district) 02-04-2018
11Saturday at Pruf Cafe & Bar (CENTRAL DISTRICT / ID)12-30-2017
12Monday Coffee at Pruf Cafe & Bar08-14-2017
13Coffee Explorer: Pruf Cafe & Bar (CENTRAL DISTRICT / ID)08-02-2017