Stumptown Coffee - 12th

1115 12th Ave - Seattle, WA US (Inactive)

Event Date
1Friday Coffee Cupping - Stumptown 12th (CAP HILL)03-06-2015
2Stumptown in Capitol Hill!04-24-2014
3Espresso Hike: Stumptown + SCW + Trabant + Lunch (CAP HILL, DWTN, ID)09-30-2012
412th Avenue Neighborhood Festival - Stumptown 12th (CAPITOL HILL)08-12-2012
5New Members - Coffee Tasting - Stumptown on 12th (CAPITOL HILL)05-06-2012
6Coffee Tasting - Stumptown on 12th (CAPITOL HILL)12-18-2011
7Coffee Cupping - Stumptown on 12th (CAPITOL HILL)01-23-2011
8Coffee Brewing and Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)08-22-2010
9Coffee Brewing and Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)05-09-2010
10Coffee Brewing and Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)01-31-2010
11Coffee Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)01-17-2010
12Roasting Tour and Coffee Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)05-31-2009
13Grand Cru Coffee Cupping - Stumptown (CAPITOL HILL)05-18-2009
14Stumptown Roasting Tour and Cupping08-23-2008
15Coffee Klatsch: Stumptown03-16-2008
16Coffee Klatsch (Cupping at 1:30!) At Stumptown - 12th and Madison11-04-2007