MiiR Flagship

3400 Stone Way N - Seattle, WA US (Active)

Event Date
1☕🍺 Wednesday Coffee - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)01-02-2019
2Thursday Coffee - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)10-11-2018
3Coffee and Art - Miir Coffee (FREMONT)06-24-2018
4Let’s Celebrate the Sunshine at Miir in Wallingford!03-12-2018
5Coffee Tasting & Palate Development (FREMONT)02-07-2018
6Coffee and More at Miir in Fremont!10-03-2017
7Friday Brew & Brew - MiiR Flagship (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)05-19-2017
8#1000: Sunday Espresso Hike: MiiR + Vif + Market (FREMONT)04-09-2017
9Saturday Brew & Brew - MiiR Flagship (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)02-25-2017
10Coffee and Productivity Hour: MiiR (Fremont)12-04-2016
11Sunday Espresso Hike: MiiR + Milstead + Vif + Market (FREMONT)04-10-2016
12Sunday Brew & Brew - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)03-06-2016
13Friday coffee at MiiR in Fremont02-05-2016
14Free Aeropress Brewing Lab - MiiR Flagship (FREMONT)12-12-2015
15Saturday Coffee at MiiR (FREMONT)12-05-2015
16Free Chemex Brewing Class - MiiR Flagship (FREMONT)11-28-2015
17Coffee + Beer + Brewing Class - MiiR Flagship (FREMONT)11-14-2015
18Wednesday Coffee - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)09-30-2015
19Saturday Coffee and Beer - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)09-19-2015
20Wednesday Coffee Explorer - MiiR (FREMONT, WALLINGFORD)08-19-2015