Caffe Fiore - Sunset Hill

3125 NW 85th St - Seattle, WA US (Active)

Event Date
1Coffee and mini-hike - Caffe Fiore (NORTH BALLARD, SUNSET HILL)09-01-2013
2Mid-Week - Caffe Fiore (SUNSET HILL, NW BALLARD)09-19-2012
3Mid Week - Return to Caffe Fiore (SUNSET HILL / NORTH BALLARD)02-29-2012
4Mid Week - Caffe Fiore (SUNSET HILL / NORTH BALLARD)02-08-2012
5Caffe Fiore (BALLARD/SUNSET HILL)04-03-2011
6Coffee Explorer - Caffe Fiore (CROWN HILL/ SUNSET HILL)12-01-2010